Use Serviced Apartment For Business Travel To Increase Your Bottom Line

When you are travelling for your business, you will require somewhere to stay. Hotels are the ideal choice for most business travels. They are cost effective. In addition, it is possible to utilize the hotel rooms conveniently at any times. However, there are some limitations with the hotel rooms. For example, even if you are using the same hotel for your every trip, you are unlikely to have the same room. In addition, you cannot leave your things in the hotel room between your visits.

London serviced apartments

Serviced apartments can offer an ideal solution in such situations. Serviced apartments can allow you to leave your things in safety without being anxious about hotel staff. Here we are going to have an overview of how using a serviced apartment for business travel can increase your bottom line. Mayfair Serviced Apartments are available in large numbers. Hence, it is very easy to find those apartments that suit your needs.

Serviced apartment is a furnished apartment that includes everything you require to live comfortably. For instances, the facilities in the apartments are sofa, fully equipped kitchen, wardrobe and a bedroom with comfortable bed. In addition to be a great residence, it is also well suited for business use. With the serviced apartments, you can organize meetings and offer refreshments for your visitors.

The main concerns for most of the business people is where to place their expensive equipments, sensitive documents and personal belongings safely. Even though most hotels provide secure and safe area, you have to depend on the hotel staff to guarantee the security of your belongings. However, in the serviced apartments, you can lock your equipments and documents in the cupboard.  Anywhere you think it is the safest place to lock it. In addition to being a safe and security place for your belongings, you can also enjoy the Wi-Fi facilities that are essential for your business needs.

At Park Lane Apartments, you can rent any type of apartments based on your business use. You can also book the London serviced apartments online, by just visiting the official website of the Park Lane Apartments


Experience Luxury Accommodation with Park Lane Apartments

We all want a comfortably place to stay on our travels for personal or business needs. At Park Lane Apartments, we understand the needs of every tourist and cater to all your requirements with efficiency. Our huge experience of more than 30 years has enabled us to provide you with luxurious accommodations for your visit to Mayfair.

Hotel Apartments London

One, two and three bedrooms apartments are available for individuals and families from all over the world. Experience the comfort and privacy of being in your own home by staying at one of the best fully equipped Hotel Apartments London hospitality has to offer. Our apartments are centrally located and offer the convenience of being at walking distance from the major attractions in the area.  Visit our website to view photos of our flats and easily book one through our booking system. Online deposits can be made via credit and debit cards and the remaining balance can be paid at arrival. We can arrange to pick you up with your luggage from the airport if you share the flight details with us.

All apartments are cleaned and prepared before your arrival. Our staff members are dedicated to providing you with all that you need to make your stay as pleasing as possible. Compared to any other serviced apartment in London, our flats are equipped with better facilities for your convenience. Free internet and TV with a stereo set up are provided for your entertainment and leisure activities. Completely equipped kitchen with arrangements for groceries helps you prepare the perfect meals for the day. We have designed our apartments with the intentions that our guests feel completely at home. Experience privacy and comfort of elegant accommodations and book your room with us on your next visit to Mayfair.

Ultimate Holiday Experience at Serviced Apartments in Mayfair

Nothing can be more special than having a wonderful holiday with your family and loved ones and this is possible only if you enjoy a comfortable stay at your destination. Serviced Apartments in Mayfair gives you a chance to have the ultimate holiday experience, which will give you and your loved ones memories to last for a lifetime. In contract to hotel accommodations, serviced apartments are much better option for those who look for a comfortable stay along with adequate privacy, which you seldom get at hotels with a number of other guests staying there. On the other hand, at these apartments, you get all the facilities of a hotel, along with the privacy of a home.

serviced apartments in London

Great Ambience with excellent servicing

Wonderful service by professional staff along with comfortable and lush interiors at these serviced apartments in London is bound to make your holiday a truly unforgettable one. In case you are a business traveler, you can easily hold your meetings at the apartment and use it as an office too, as you have all the privacy here which you will not get in your hotel room. So if you are looking for a short term rental place in the heart of London without going for an expensive hotel in the city, this can be an ideal choice.

Ideal Choice for Short and Long Stay

Whether you are in London just for a few days or are planning to stay for a few months, these serviced apartments make an excellent choice for all kinds of requirements. There are a number of options out of which you can pick the one to suit your needs, such as one, two or four bedroom apartments. You can also pick amongst seasonal offers for 2, 3 or 5 day stay. For a wonderful stay in London, choose one of our serviced apartments.


The Serviced Apartments in Mayfair are located in the London city which provides ultimate luxury with good standard facilities and ultimate services. If you are on a business tour or on leisure holidays then these apartments are the best to go with. These are Art Deco period buildings and are beautifully designed and furnished to give you a luxurious and spacious feel. When you step out of these apartments you will find yourself at reachable distance from the main attractions of London city.

Serviced Apartments in Mayfair

There are various types of apartments that are offered by Serviced Apartments in Mayfair and it ranges from a single bedroom to expansive four bedroom suites. You have choice to opt from these apartments for your duration of stay. These apartments have fully equipped modern kitchen with all essentials and has a spacious living area too. The rooms are spacious enough and of excellent choice for people who are on business visits or with their families. It offers you a comfortable stay with ultimate services. They provide an extremely good standard services and the professional staffs employed here take good care of you with their timely services. This building is provided with a manager and a manageress who are there to take care of your issues. The building is also equipped with a lift and a video entry phone for safety purpose.

Mayfair is one of the London’s exclusive districts and a posh area of London and here you will get a wide selection of accommodation for your stay in the city, which . If you need a service apartment for single day, for a week or a month then you will get selections in Shaw House and Clarges Street that is surrounded by London’s beautiful attractions. These apartments are equipped with all household facilities like washing machines, dishwasher, T.V, video, intercom facility, wireless connectivity etc. and are serviced 5 days a week.

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Why keep in repaired flats Mayfair?

Mayfair’s repaired flats square measure idyllic for tourists and business travellers. Nowadays, staying aloof from your abode has emerged as AN inevitable a part of most business travel. But with the repaired housing facilities you’ll be able to currently fancy the comforts of home even after you square measure aloof from home. Dealings Serviced Apartments Mayfair is a lot of convenient, cheap and cosy as compared to staying in any building. In repaired housing, you have got the choice to rent on a brief term basis or for future basis for example, it are often rented for one week to up to few years.

mayfair 4

Renting a Mayfair repaired housing aids you target your visit-purpose to the place without having to enter into a lease or purchasing/renting article of furniture, using maids and a lot of. In Mayfair you’ll be able to realize all forms of repaired flats starting from refined and ultra-luxurious flats to budget-friendly cheap flats. There’s no dearth for repaired housing within the place. You’ll be able to like better to keep within the one that suits your wants and budget. If you book housing for a month, then you’ll be able to get nice offers and discounts. These flats square measure cheaper and cosy compared to different accommodation facilities might or not it’s building or the other.

Serviced flats square measure totally equipped all essential services and regular house maid services are provided. At this kind of accommodation facility you may have the liberty to well relax, eat-in or pay nice day out, and more. The spacious and stylish flats can return equipped with top-class home amusement facilities like TV, DVD, Wi-Fi net, totally equipped room, top quality towels, linen and toiletries. What is more, these flats supply the next degree of privacy. Thus, you’ll be able to sure enough have nice occupy the place if you rent a repaired housing. Repaired flats in Mayfair supply foremost services and square measure cheap moreover.

The Right Provider For Serviced Apartments In Mayfair

Serviced apartments in Mayfair are in great demand these days and most of the visitors prefer these apartments in comparison to the hotel rooms and such other alternatives like guest houses and resorts. There are multiple reasons for this. While the privacy and flexibilities offered are one of the major considerations; no less significant is the savings that one makes when he or she chooses to stay in one of the apartments. But for the purpose of getting the best apartments one requires the right provider who will cater to all the requirements of the prospective client.


Attributes of the Best Provider

The best provider of the serviced apartments in Mayfair will offer the clients with multiple options for choosing the serviced apartment according to his or her requirements and budget. The serviced apartments provided by quality provider will take care to ensure that the apartment has all the amenities that are available in at least the 4-star hotels. At the same time the apartment should be strategically located so that all the required facilities are within the reach of the prospective clients. In addition; the apartments will have adequate space for the occupiers to work and enjoy the facilities conveniently. Most important of all; the quality provider will keep the entire process transparent and will not charge the client exorbitantly so as to make the process financially non-viable for him or her.

Short of Long; it is Always the Best

Another important aspect of hiring the right service provider is that whether long or short, the apartments provided is always the best for the client befitting his or her requirements and budget. Whether it is short stay or longer residence purpose for which the serviced apartments in Mayfair are required, the quality provider will always give the best to the client.

Finding the provider won’t be difficult as a little homework will lead one to the right service provider easily.

Serviced Apartments Mayfair will take you a golden ride

Golden ride which rarely reach the sky, here is what we want to take you to the royal services that will serve you at most comfort way. Many hotels and apartments are not well served to people, which disturb the tour and hence create a problem in traveling and staying. As our apartments are well designed and brings the services at all level, here is a perfect suit for living. It will be a beautiful experience for you. From the very first day you enter the apartment and till the time you leave, the level of services that would be experienced by you form kitchen to well maintained bathroom that are finished in ever delightful manner.

Sense the gratitude of living at Serviced Apartment Mayfair

The requirement differs from person to person, as their needs and requirements are different. For every person, the type of quality offered at Mayfair would definitely make them feel secure in physical, mental, and spiritual conditions. To avoid health problems and many such ideological reverences, there is need of perfect peace and stability of things in systematic way in any apartments. Here in Mayfair apartments there are way too sense the perfect way in living. The cost is not what we see but the need and best accommodation is we serve, nearby facilities are avail, there are various places which are meant to have most famous historical places.

shaw house Lounge

Book, Travel and Enjoy – Anytime reserve your room at Serviced Apartment Mayfair

The facilities such as easy access to nearby stations, shopping complexes, apparel showrooms, and most accessories show rooms are all easily available at Mayfair. Such apartments are provided by us in different areas in Mayfair. If you come to study or for financial commitments, services from food to beverages are provided if you pay for the same.

Comfortable stay at Mayfair service apartments

If you have decided to come to London to spend your vacation, there are many tourist spots to visit such as the Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and others. You can have a wonderful time here with your family and friends. But once you have decided the place to visit, you must also consider the place of accommodation. Where you want to stay it may vary according to your needs. If you are travelling alone, then a hotel room may be all that you need. Or if you are coming with your family, then a service apartment would do the job. In case you want to take service apartments it is advisable to go for Mayfair apartments which is best suited for you.

mayfair 7

Location of apartments in Mayfair

The service apartments in Mayfair are located near Park lane, which is not very far from boutiques, cinema theatres and good restaurants. Even the Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus and Green Park are moments away from here. Combined by class and contemporary designs, the service apartments offer luxury in a stylish way.

Atmosphere and quality of service provided

The Mayfair serviced apartments belong to a different level. Right from their curtains to the accessories, high quality products have been used to do justice to the quality expected by the guests. Facility for parking your car is available and the rooms are extremely large. Every service apartment has a separate kitchen room, dining area and interconnected rooms too. Maid service is made available 24/7.

Accommodation facilities offered

There are a wide variety of rooms that you could choose from. One, two and three bedroom service apartments are available depending on the number of members in the family. The rooms are classified into executive and suite rooms. Every room has been set perfectly in terms of size and other arrangements too. Presidential Penthouse Suite is the largest among all and it offers luxury and comfort at its best.