Comfortable stay at Mayfair service apartments

If you have decided to come to London to spend your vacation, there are many tourist spots to visit such as the Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and others. You can have a wonderful time here with your family and friends. But once you have decided the place to visit, you must also consider the place of accommodation. Where you want to stay it may vary according to your needs. If you are travelling alone, then a hotel room may be all that you need. Or if you are coming with your family, then a service apartment would do the job. In case you want to take service apartments it is advisable to go for Mayfair apartments which is best suited for you.

mayfair 7

Location of apartments in Mayfair

The service apartments in Mayfair are located near Park lane, which is not very far from boutiques, cinema theatres and good restaurants. Even the Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus and Green Park are moments away from here. Combined by class and contemporary designs, the service apartments offer luxury in a stylish way.

Atmosphere and quality of service provided

The Mayfair serviced apartments belong to a different level. Right from their curtains to the accessories, high quality products have been used to do justice to the quality expected by the guests. Facility for parking your car is available and the rooms are extremely large. Every service apartment has a separate kitchen room, dining area and interconnected rooms too. Maid service is made available 24/7.

Accommodation facilities offered

There are a wide variety of rooms that you could choose from. One, two and three bedroom service apartments are available depending on the number of members in the family. The rooms are classified into executive and suite rooms. Every room has been set perfectly in terms of size and other arrangements too. Presidential Penthouse Suite is the largest among all and it offers luxury and comfort at its best.


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